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Who I am ?

Born in the Netherlands, I came to France in 1978 and it’s here that I grew up, experienced life, studied, shared, had encounters, gave and received, laughed and cried…


I work in and around Albi (Castres, Rodez, Carmaux, Gaillac, Graulhet…)


Trained in systemic analysis and a graduate of Rouen and Paris 11 universities, I have been working in private practice for over 10 years.


Founder of the Atelier Le Petit Merle, a bereavement support workshop where I work with symbolic objects and rituals, and co-founder of the Penant practice in Normandy.

I am a qualified trainer in the field of systemic analysis, a trainer in relational communication within the health and social care sector, personal care services, palliative care and end-of-life and bereavement support. I am also qualified as a Professional Practice Analyst within the systemic approach, and a supervisor in the social and medical field (educators and colleagues).


I engage in ongoing professional training and am regularly supervised to ensure that my work meets my profession’s ethical standards and code of practice.


My working method adapts to the needs and context of each case. When words do not come easily, I am able to engage people's creativity and imagination. I make good use of a large “suitcase” of metaphors which can be surprising and effective in a variety of contexts.


I like to work with simple words that everyone can understand. I am a graduate of the university of life, which enables me to understand the difficulties and sufferings of the people who come to me for therapy.


Sharon Van Den

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